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Tags: rebeco

Chamois walking in the snow in the port of La Bonaigua, an area where the regions of Vall D’Aran and Pallars Sobirá (Lleida Pyrenees) jun...
Tags: rebeco, isard, sarrio, pirineu, pirineo, pyrenees, chamois, pallars

The chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica) is one of the most beautiful animals in the Pyrenees. Both males and females have horns, although they are...
Tags: rebeco, isard, pirineo, pirineu, pyrenees, ripolles, puigmal

Rhododendron is an abundant shrub in the Pyrenees, inhabiting subalpine forests (in preference to shady and acidic soils) and in the first p...
Tags: pirineo, pirineu, pyrenees, puigmal, ripolles, isard, rebeco, chamois

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