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Fog in La Noguera viewed from Montsec

Fog in the La Noguera county, viewed from Montsec mountains.

Fog in the La Noguera county, viewed from Montsec mountains.

Especially during winter, in times of strong anticyclone, mists are frequent throughout the Ebro valley, usually freezing fog. On this occasion, from the height provided by the Montsec mountain range, we can appreciate the extensive fog in the La Noguera region, in the province of Lleida. These fogs can be persistent and last for more than a week, preventing during this time, in many populations, that the temperature rises above 0 Cº. If these freezing fog occurs during the months of December, January or early February, it is very positive for fruit tree crops, since they accumulate a large number of cold hours (fruit trees need to be for a significant number of hours during winter for below 7 Cº), improving the fruit setting and quality of the flowers that will give rise to the fruits. However, if this happens at the end of February or March, some early fruit trees (such as the almond faint largueta or some peach trees) could have a large number of the flowers already open and some of them may be lost due to the frost.

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